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SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule Returns to Earth Following A Splashdown

Astronauts that strapped into their SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule, undocked from the International Space Station and plunged into a ferocious pre-dawn splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico. The mission that was supposed to incur safety might have raged some doubts within the astronauts. It closed out the first operational flight of SpaceX futuristic touch screen ferry ship.

Crew-1 commanders were rumored to disconnect from the space-facing port of the station’s forward Harmony Module at 8.35 p.m. EDT Saturday. It was a sign of them returning home from the threatening splashdown. It accounted for only the second time when NASA’s astronauts have had a piloted water landing for NASA’s post-shuttle commercial crew program and just the third night splashdown in space history — the first in nearly 45 years.

The return was seemingly the natural way as the Crew Dragon Endeavor Spacecraft entered into the orbit. It deployed to a shakedown in the middle of the landing but was controlled by the support of four big parachutes. NASA’s officials were impressed by the return and welcomed it back to Earth with overwhelming gratitude.

“Dragon, on behalf of NASA and the SpaceX teams, we welcome you back to planet Earth, and thanks for flying SpaceX” the company’s capsule communicator radioed. “For those of you enrolled in our frequent flyer program, you’ve earned 68 million miles on this voyage,” the company’s capsule communicator was observed conveying the message through the radio satellite technology. In response to that, the astronauts replied and said does it feel good to be welcomed back onto the Earth, definitely yes.Despite a dead of a night and throbbing landing, NASA’s WB-57 tracking aircraft captured some immersive visuals of the capsule as it descended through the lower layers of the atmosphere.

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