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SpaceX Denies Claims of Collision Between Starlink and OneWeb Satellites

SpaceX has accused Satellite broadband rival OneWeb of spreading a false story claiming that the companies’ satellites nearly crashed into each other. “The probability of Collision never exceeded the threshold for a maneuver and the satellites would have not collided even if no maneuver had been conducted,” SpaceX told the Federal Communication Commission in an ex parte filing.

The filing vertebrates a meeting that SpaceX and OneWeb representatives had with the FCC staff yesterday in which SpaceX made just bold statements against the rival and on the incident that occurred. The meeting came one day after the Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Elon Musk’s Satellite Internet Project is too Risky, Rivals Say.” It prompted or surfaced a lot of rumors that both the companies running communication satellites might be at a cold war against each other. But it was imminently bashed out of the timeline by the representatives.

The article described OneWeb allegations in a predominant way, as it revealed some eye-catching details.  Starlink satellites have come alarmingly close to other spacecraft in the last two years, including on April 2, when a Starlink Satellite prompted another operated by OneWeb, controlled by Indian conglomerate Bharti Global and the UK government.

When contacted by OneWeb, the Star Link’s communicators said that they couldn’t do anything in order to avoid the collision and switched off the collision avoidance system so OneWeb could maneuver around the satellite without interference. But that is only a side of the story while SpaceX constantly keeps denying any surfaced reports about the collision.

The Journal also said that SpaceX didn’t reply to requests for comment and the stance is even more staggered and affirmed today. SpaceX finally yesterday during the filing said that OneWeb head lobbyist made demonstrably inaccurate statements to the media. The tussle is going on bizarre and it could give encroachment to the more cold war of words in the coming time.

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