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SpaceX Installs Starlink Dish on Starship Prototype

In the long line of twists, SpaceX has requested the FCC for permission to operate a Starlink internet antenna installed on Starship serial number 15 (SN15). In a planned batch of four or more upgraded Starship prototypes, SN15 was the first that rolled down the road from SpaceX’s South Texas factory last week.

Around the same time that its aft tank section was being prepped for nose installation on 3rd April. Some of the first 360-degree views of the rocket revealed an unusual porthole-esque of the rocket. The Starhopper in 2019, Starships used the space between the tank and nosecone as an installation point for the avionics, Tesla batteries, and several radio antennas.

The new hardware generally fell under the radar, but it took note that it assumed it was some type of antenna upgrade. It turns out the speculation was almost certainly correct. It is not right in the way it was most expected. The new antennas appeared that bore a striking resemblance to a SpaceX Starlink dish, according to authors.

A forum user argued that it was more like an upgraded S-band antenna akin to that of the other Falcon rockets. The author also said that it was located in the interstage of Falcon boosters which were almost the same size as the new antenna. Nine days later, the FCC asked for permission to operate the Starlink dish in Boca Chica.In other words, the antenna on the Starship SN15 is almost certainly a Starlink dish. It should be surrounded by an aerodynamic shroud and is firmly fixed on the rocket.

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