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Stellantis Revamps Its Policy for Employees Under New Plan

Automaker Stellantis is launching a coherent hybrid network known as the New Era of Agility. It is believed that when the company calls in its employees to offices later this year, they would have the privilege of flexible working hours.

The goal of launching a new plan seems crystal clear as the company is beguiling the idea of allowing its employees to work remotely for protracted periods amid the comforting nature of the pandemic. The number of personnel integrated under the plan would be 17,000 in North America. Out of the mentioned employees, the majority of them will include people working near Detroit. Shannon Dziuda, lead of human resources special projects for Stellantis North America told the news outlets in an interview.

“We want the decision to come into a facility to be intentional and based on what works best for individuals and the company, and supports the health and wellbeing of the team,” she said during an interview on Friday.

Automaker Stellantis are collaborating on a joint action plan, under which the contingency of remote work will be the utmost priority. The company will urge its employees to blend remote and in-office work, the combination working 70 percent in favor of remote work. However, making it more convenient, she declared that the split is merely an issued directive and not a mandate.

The hourly manufacturing working has been eradicated keeping in mind the feasibility of the salaried employees, and it is not necessary for them to be physically present in the labs or elsewhere to conduct their operations. The decision comes weeks after successful surveying feedback received from the employees as many of them have been working remotely confined in their homes due to the overhaul of the pandemic for over a year now.

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