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The Defense Industry, A Revolutionary Workforce for Startups

Startups face hiccups to their augmentation across the competitive markets, and that’s why they remain oblivious to one of the largest forces in the world, the US Defense Department. Although there are some bureaucratic hurdles, through commitment and forethought, the startups can instill a pathway to adapt and thrive while working with the Pentagon.

The young entrepreneurs often find it difficult to find a secluded place across the technology sector, which not gets dominated by Sillicon Valley’s giants. The military has been awarding contracts to startups to emulsify its security protocols and it has oversaw the emergence of many startups. The valuation of the contracts was estimated at $445 million standalone in 2020.

The nation’s innovators have been encouraged by the US Defense Department to willingly cooperate with the taskforce to bring a revolution in the markets in the coming years. The military is clamoring for cutting-edging technologies in fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomy. A startup could land a contract worth up to $3 million within months of entering the defense market.Attracting the interest from the US Defense Department is a crucial aspect of the enigma, and it seems like the Pentagon is helping the startups in this regard. The prevalent invokation by the Pentagon is a reflection of its efforts to keep up the pace of competition with its rivals like China and Russia.

If the reports of China overtaking the United States in advancements related to AI, the futuristic upending could involve the US military forces as there are plentiful chances of drone swarms and cyberattacks. Without integrating the assistance of the cutting-edge technologies, the US military might just become a notorious threat for the rest of the world.

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