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The DoD’s Next Multibillion-Dollar IT contract fare. Here’s Why

Contemplating the two quotes about two contracts the DoD’s says is crucial to modernizing networks and advancing its computing power. The two quotes:” The warfighter is absolutely waiting for this.”

“It is one of the crown jewels that we have as part of our IT reform.”Looking at these two quotes, we might have an indication of what the DoD’s might look to do in the future, but a plan might already be on the verge of the announcement. Let’s find out. What do the two contracts have in common? Officials are emphatic that they serve a critical need for the department, resulting in flashy price tags awarded to a single company for each project.

The JEDI cloud has a ceiling of $10 billion over 10 years, while the DES Contract would be worth more than $11 billion over a decade. The JEDI contract attracted the major cloud providers, with Microsoft being the front runner and winning by a huge margin. Likewise, the DES Contract will attract Significant IT integrators.

The question across the investors and the experts is could the department stumble into another boondoggle with the DES Contract? Experts told the news agencies that any high-dollar procurements are likely to face protests, but they don’t expect the agenda to reach the levels of controversies. Controversies can damage the integral reputation integrated by the DoD’s for over a decade, and such risk profile investment might not be a viable option for any Association.

“Any contract can be protested,” said David Mihelic, former chief technology officer of the Defense Information System Agency. The trend of protesting longevity contracts might be in the making and protestors are enraging over shorter formats to give opportunities to the upcoming cloud providers and tech startups.

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