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The New Drone Killer Blasts of U.S. Targets


The drone Killer blasts of the U.S. have been targeted with stringy pink stuff. The DARPA, the research and development agency, has brought into operation a new drone defense.

The drone defense has the ability to safeguard from drones attacking convoys. The Killer blast drones are used to spray weird pink color stuff on the other opponent drones. This causes the drone to crash. This system can be used even in populated areas. Mobile Force Protection system causes no harm to the nearby civilians and the ones who are not the severe competitors.

The mobile force protection has launched the system to target the other small unmanned aerial systems. The Mobile Force Protection system was designed in the year 2017. There are capable of defeating the self-guided sUAS. This sUAS do not rely on the radio or GPS receiver while conducting operations against the drones.

Most importantly, the system is designed to target the opponent’s aerial system from 1 km. It does not cause harm to civilians of the nearby location.  The Mobile Force Protection system should be deployed on the ground, which is as small as a U.S. coast guard petrol boat which is at least 25-foot.The drone first catches the hostile drone and targets the enemy drone. The system then launches the spray that holds strong and stingy steamers. The drone that is launched looks like a hovering drone IG-88B assassin droid which was used previously in the Star Wars.

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