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The Next Big Thing in Healthcare Delivery may be Drones

Technology has allowed society to push the boundaries of human possibility from the dawn of humanity. The world has used technology to make extraordinarily novel outcomes feasible, particularly in modern healthcare. Drone technology, for example, was originally designed for aerial and military usage, but inventors have found a way to use it for another critical application: complementing healthcare Delivery.

Drones have shown remarkable promise in a variety of healthcare settings. Drones for telehealth and virtual treatment, as envisioned by University of Cincinnati researchers last year, is one of the most significant applications. This has a big value impact since it opens up the possibility of providing care to patients who would otherwise be difficult to reach, as well as potentially resolving the significant access-to-care concerns that plague the modern day healthcare.

Drones are also being used to deliver healthcare supplies and goods all around the world. Drones are being utilised to deliver Covid-19 vaccines, which is a wonderfully imaginative approach to the seemingly difficult challenge of decoding vaccine distribution logistics, which I reported about last year. AEDs can be carried by drones to real-life cases of OHCA, according to a study released in August 2021, with a successful AED Delivery rate of 92 percent.

In cases when the drone arrived first, there was a time advantage over emergency medical personnel. As a fitting tribute to these discoveries, it was disclosed earlier this week that, for the first time in medical history, an autonomous drone assisted in saving the life of a man who had suffered from an OHCA.

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