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The Nord CE 2 5G by One Plus is Low-Cost but Everyone can’t get it

The One Plus Nord CE 2 5G, the latest contender for the title of best mid-range phone in 2022, is finally here, and while it’s not as flashy or powerful as the likes of Google’s Pixel 5a, Moto G100, or Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, it has enough strong points to at least catch the attention of many bargain hunters. The most compelling feature of this hot new 6.43-inch gadget is its beginning price, which undercuts that of its aforementioned competitors.

However, it only if you can get your hands on the muddledly called Nord CE 2 (5G), which will be unavailable in crucial areas like the United States. The 5G-enabled One Plus Nord CE 2 is definitely compact and sleek for a handset in its pricing range, as advertised with the snappy tagline “a little more than you’d expect.”

Although the gleaming back can’t possibly be made of actual glass, this gadget seems quite upscale at first glance, thanks to its eye-catching Gray Mirror and Bahama Blue paint treatments, as well as a razor-thin 7.8mm profile.The Nord CE 2 5G is far thinner than the “normal” Nord 2 edition from last year, an engineering accomplishment made all the more astounding by the same 4,500mAh battery capacity.

Furthermore, the One Plus Nord 2 5G’s Fluid AMOLED screen remains virtually unaltered, with the same resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels and silky smooth 90Hz refresh rate support as the Nord CE 2. Despite having the same 6.43-inch display as the Nord 2, the One Plus Nord CE 2 5G is slightly taller than the Nord 2, with a hefty “chin” that detracts from the luxury feel of the current hole punch design.

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