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The Odds of U.S. and China Cooperating in Space

What is the future of space science like – will it be triggered by collaboration or competition? Current dynamics of space exploration witness China advancing at a sharp rate, particularly boosted with its recent partnership with Russia.

The U.S. is definitely not taking the changing dynamics well, and experts recognize the need for prohibiting bilateral collaborations.The future of space science depends heavily on the two space superpowers, the U.S. and China. How the two nations engage in space exploration with each other and not just individually is crucial over the next few years. The U.S still stands as the global leader in space-based on most metrics.

However, China is not far away. In fact, the nation is strategically advancing its ambitious trajectory of space success.has developed advanced blueprinting and is conducting an array of interplanetary forays to destinations including Jupiter, asteroid belt, and certainly Mars.current space schedule and the country’s collaboration with Russia significantly impact America’s space activity. Experts suggest that the U.S. might stand to gain if the nation found common ground with its peers to build a multination space agenda.

John Logsdon put forth his ideas of the future of space power. He stated that the United States, and China, may engage in both competitions as well collaboration. As a professor at George Washington University, He added that this might be a good motivator after the U.S. competed with the Soviet and reached the moon.

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