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The Space Games have Begun

A group of professionals from the worlds of space, sports, and entertainment are creating new games specifically for low-gravity or microgravity environments. The Space Games Federation has already identified a number of potential game concepts, including directing a magnetic ball through space hoops, space dodgeball, and racing the clock while connected to a teammate to tie an increasingly intricate series of knots.

The Space Games Federation, according to Rheinstein, sponsored the highly successful Equal Space Challenge competition to help characterise space sports ideas, allowing the public to conceive and develop novel games exclusively for low or microgravity circumstances. Competitors of all ages, genders, levels of ability or impairment, and nations were welcome to enter the Federation’s Equal Space Challenge.

Concept and feasibility, game strategy, community participation, and submission execution were all weighted at 25% in the evaluation of space sport proposals. It’s time to reimagine sports, to create new jobs and new idols in the form of ‘astroletes,’ who compete in space in sports that are more difficult than anything on Earth. An astrolete is a person who possesses both the basic skills of an astronaut and the spirit of an athlete, both of which can be used to space-based sports undertakings.

The Space Games Federation is committed to education, science, and data collection “not only for our sports leagues and astroletes, but for the greater good as we explore our universe,” according to Rheinstein. John Spencer, an architect with an eye toward outer space who sees a bright future for sports and entertainment beyond the sky, is a backer of the Space Games Federation. The Space Tourism Society was founded by Spencer and he currently serves as its president. During the Society’s conference in Los Angeles this April, he’ll discuss how to benefit from the space experience economy.

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