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The Transformation of the Auto Industry Has Kickstarted Full-Fledged

The Auto Industry has been implementing quirky production manufacturing ways to full-fledged kickstart the revolution from GM simple cars to ride-hailing and electric driven automobiles. When GM’s very first car, the Chevrolet Classic 6, appeared on Detroit’s streets in 1912, it ran on gasoline. More than a century later, the transformation of the auto industry has kickstarted with the inauguration of self-driving cars and electric cars. The GM’s last car will roll off the assembly line by 2034. GM is diverting its way towards shifting the line of production to only make electric cars.

Governments are heavily involved in revamping the stance of the Auto Industry. California has banned the selling of gasoline cars across the state after 2035, and the same is the situation across distinctive states in the United States. Following the trend and the recent surge of electric cars over the past two years, China is divulgence the fact and will only allocate its production in electrics or hybrids to be sold starting 2035.

The switch to electric cars is not the only factor ramping up car sales, but self-driving cars have been mobilized in the past two quarters to reshape the vision model of automobiles.  Self-driving cars clocked 2 million miles of test-driving on California’s roads in 2020, and anxiety bordering on alarm is quietly running through the auto world at reports that Apple is working on its own Apple-branded self-driving electric car.

The mix of the blends in the Auto Industry is ecstatic and much of the overhaul has to go with the rising demand for ride-hailing services across prominent countries in the world. The government has handed their full support on the matter and said that gradually the customers will have policies and insurances to inculcate into this amazing goal of electric and self-driving cars.

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