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The U.S Airpower Says the Afghan Military May Lose Power without U.S Contractors

The Taliban and Afghan government may see a game-changing shift with the loss of U.S military contractors. The Afghan government could its military power over the Taliban. The troops are about to leave the country in the forthcoming days. The military forces of Afghan rely majorly on funded contractors. The fleets and aircraft are maintained and repaired by contractors. Moreover, other types of equipment like armored vehicles are also repaired by contractors.

Around 18000 U.S contractors may return to the along with the military contingent. There was an agreement between the Washington and Taliban to withdraw the foreign military troops.  According to a recent report by a military expert, the inspector of Defense Department, the Afghan forces may fail to keep dozens of fighter aircraft, cargo aircraft, helicopters, and flying drones manufactured by the U.S

The Biden administration had vowed to continue to provide financial support to the Afghan forces. The Afghan officials are confident that even though the contractors leave the country, they can take on the Taliban dominance. However, the military experts of the believe it may a devastating blow to the Afghan government in the fight against the Taliban.

The former Army Officer Bowman said the air power s the main power in the fight against the Taliban for the Afghan government. He had previously served in Afghanistan. The withdrawal of the U.S contractors may badly impact the Afghan security forces and, naturally the Afghan government.

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