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The U.S. Army Declines Israel’s Iron Dome Technology 

Owing to the recently occurred shoot-off, the United States Army has replaced Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor system with the Dynetics Enduring Shield. The anticipated purchase of Israel’s Iron Dome has been declined by the U.S. Army. Initially, the U.S. was expected to seek advanced missile defense systems to firmly fight against aerial threats. The United States military had also previously demonstrated the first fire test of the Dome missile system. However, the Army has changed the decision drastically, adopting the dynetics technology.

The U.S. chose the Leidos-owned Dynetics Launcher after the shoot-off between the two missile systems that occurred at White Sands Missile Range last month in New Mexico.The Dynetics system or Enduring Shield provides 360 degrees detection capabilities. The missile system can successfully fire at multiple targets all at once. The Enduring Shield has a simplified operational utility with the ability to fully integrate the Army’s missile defense battle command system.

Reports suggest that the average cost of an Iron Dome system is near about NIS 27 million, which is $8,400,000. As these systems are typically customized based on their requirement, the Israel’s Aerospace Industries claim that the cost is not fixed.IAI is the radar manufacturer for the Iron Dome system.

It reported $4.2 million last year in international sales through the multi-mission radar. According to reports, IAI has sold approximately 150 MMR radars worldwide. MMRs are significant components considered as the brains of the system. In August 2019, the U.S. Army purchased two off-the-shelf batteries from Rafael, delivered last year.

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