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The U.S Forces Shoots An Armed Drone Above Their Baghdad Embassy

The U.S Forces reported to shoot down a drone over their embassy in Baghdad on Monday night. The U.S defense system carried out airstrikes into the air in Baghdad. The Iraqi security Forces reported incidence saying that that the drone was armed with explosives over the US embassy targeting a base housing US soldiers. The base of the U.S soldiers is on the west side of Iraq.

Since the January 2021, there have been 47 attacks on the U.S military bases in Iraq. The military bases of around 2,500 American troops have been deployed in the country as a part of the international coalition between Iraq and America aimed at fighting the jihadist Islamic State group.Jihadist Islamic State group is equipped with drones. Drone attack is a tactic used by the troops to target and evade the air defenses of the coalition.

In April 2021, the jihadist Islamic State group carried out an airstrike with a drone packed with explosives. It attacked Iraqi Kurdish regional capital the coalition’s Iraq headquarters. Later, in the next month, a similar attack was carried out on the Ain Al-Asad airbase that houses the US troops.On June 9, three drones armed with explosives targeted Baghdad airport.

The drones attacked the airport as U.S soldiers are deployed in the area. However, one drone was shot down by the Iraqi army.The United States has offered $3 million in order to collect information on attacks that are targeting the U.S’ interests in Iraq.

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