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The U.S Navy introduces drone technology to look into signs of ship corrosion

The U.S Navy is working with a local firm that will scan the existing ships through video and lidar and use the data to investigate the signs of corrosion. Several firms have developed similar technology for ex, DNV’s product and ABS’ Corrosion Detection system that will scan the ships for corrosion.

The U.S Navy’s won office had previously developed similar  named Topside Drone. The U.S Navy’s Port Hueneme Division has collaborated with company Aerial Alchemy to develop the drone technology.

The Aerial Alchemy is well-known to develop medium as well as heavy UAVs use imaging technology and lidar to study the physical asset and develop a 3D technology enabled presentation. The main goal of the partnership is to explore the drones developed by the company can be used to study the ships and identify the areas of corrosion.

The objective is to utilize various sensors to study the ship and identify the information without human intervention. This will further enable the U.S Navy to launch a drone or unmanned aircraft without the sailor on a ship. For example, the drones will be able to study the under-surface of the ship, scan equipment and identify corrosion, said Alan Jaeger. This will allow the U.S navy to take improved maintenance, preventive, and repair practices earlier. This is U.S Navy’s step to prove the ability, accuracy, and reliability of UAVs into maritime goals. If successful, the technology can be further demonstrated on combat systems, he said.

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