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The U.S. Space Force announced operational acceptance of anti-jamming GPS III satellite

The Space Force of US declared the acceptance of anti-jamming GPS III satellite that successfully completed the baseline constellation with a worldwide coverage. The anti-jamming GPS III satellite is in a more reliable position with enhanced navigation system, and can give appropriate timing signal.

The satellite is accurate more than the 24 GPS payloads on the orbital plane. The GPS payloads can use M-code the new military PNT signal. However there are many things yet to achieve to make the fighters capable of using the M-code.  But the announcement by U.S Space force indicated the first step towards accurate signals. More, such GPS III satellites will be added in the near future.

The 2nd Space Operations Squadron, Lt. Col. Michael Schriever said, they are excited with the completion as it gives a worldwide coverage.  Lt. Col. Michael Schriever announced the operational acceptance of the satellite. He said, now they can broadcast the military signal globally. The satellite meets all the compliance requirements.This satellite offers a more secure GPS than the other operational GPS satellites. The new satellite offers more accuracy and 8-times better anti-jamming capabilities and enhanced signals.

To allow better accessibility to M-code the U.S force is working of receivers. The receivers is enhanced can work on utilizing the new anti-jamming signal. The U.S force had announced operational acceptance of the version that allowed access of limited signals.This new addition of the satellite was initiated on June 18 from the Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket after the fourth launch of GPS III satellite in December 2020.

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