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The U.S. to Thwart China’s Efforts for c Base in the Middle East

The Biden administration attempts to block China’s Military base in the Middle East by warning its Middle East allies. Biden administration warned the Middle East regional powers that their partnership with China could affect their security relationship with the United States. The warning of the U.S. administration to the Middle East powers followed the discussions of Middle East governments with China on arms deals.

China aims to form Military bases all over the world, including the Middle East. Thus the U.S. administration is trying to talk about the risks associated with partnering with China, deputy assistant secretary for the Middle East Dana Stroul pointed out.

Stroul said that having an economic or trade relationship with China does not bother much. Still, if its allies are engaged with China under certain categories of activities, it will pose a great risk to the U.S. She pointed out that such a partnership with China will jeopardize the U.S.’s defense technology, including other technologies and ultimately the U.S.’s force protection. Force protection is the topmost priority of the U.S.

Many of its allies raised questions against the U.S. warning that is restraining the allies from forming a China Military base in the United Arab Emirates. However, Stroul emphasized that China offers a weaponry system to form political unrest. The Biden Administration thus warned the Chinese engagement with its U.S. allies that may violate its sovereignty. It emphasized its legitimate security and defense concerns.

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