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The US calls on Russia to Lower Tensions with Ukraine

The United States is calling on Russia to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. It is allegedly warning Russia to not provoke and increase tensions. The real question- what’s the benefit for the United States?

The ongoing tussle of the US with Russia is a downright fact. The US government is trying to strengthen its base by supporting the strategically less powerful countries across the world.  John F. Kirby spoke to the reporters at the Pentagon today about Ukraine and a number of other places.

He claimed that it is difficult to assess Russia’s intent, noting that they have a troop buildup in Crimea on the border of two nations to the Southeast. The US is continuing to monitor the susceptible activities of Russia with its bordering allies.”We continue to call for the ceasefires that were called for by the Minsk Agreement, and then … to bring the temperature down, to de-escalate,” Kirby said.

Kirby also said that it is assessing the Chinese naval activities in the vicinity of Taiwan. He said that nothing changed with regard to US support for the so-called One China policy. The Us-China War is reminiscent of the native country is helping Taiwan with self-defense capabilities.

Pentagon press secretary in his statement also talked about US relations with Middle east Corporations like Iran and Syria. He asserted that the constant pressure of Syrian Domestic Forces has subdued the interest of many people around the world, and would retaliate with the congregated autocracy if the woes worsen in the future. Kirby added that the US is also considerate and supportive in Iraq’s notice to eradicate the presence of ISIS, a largely contracted terrorist association.

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