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The US Calls the Drone Strike as Mistake and Apologises

The Pentagon announced on Friday that nearly Ten civilians, including seven children, and no terrorists were killed in Kabul by a drone Strike that the Pentagon called a righteous move. Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, chief of U.S. Central Command on Friday said that their investigation now concludes that the Strike was a tragic mistake.

The initial drone Strike by the U.S. forces was after they had tracked a white Toyota Corolla for eight hours and deemed it an imminent threat. There were nearly 60 pieces of intelligence at the time that indicated an attack was coming.McKenzie added that nearly six Reaper drones had followed the vehicle.

The drone Strike occurred on Aug. 29 near the airport during the final days of the U.S. evacuation of civilians and military retreat from Afghanistan. The military claimed at the time that the Strike prevented multiple suicide bombers from attacking Hamid Karzai International Airport. The statement from U.S. Central Command said the attack had targeted an imminent ISIS-K threat and that explosives were being loaded into the vehicle when the Hellfire missile struck it.

Soon after reports surfaced that several members of a family had been killed in the attack. The Pentagon acknowledged the possibility of civilian casualties. Army Gen. Mark Milley told reporters Sept. 1 that intelligence showed ISIS-K was preparing a vehicle for a suicide attack, criteria for launching an attack were met and that an explosion after the attack had led to the reasonable conclusion that explosives were in the vehicle.

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