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The US Does Not Plan to Retaliate on the Chinese Rocket Before Crash

The Defense Department as of Thursday is not intrigued by the idea of shooting down the monumental Chinese Chinese Rocket currently stranded in an uncontrollable position- according to many reports emerging out of the space agencies and the news journalists.

It is expected to be falling towards Earth and could soon Crash down immaculately by Saturday midnight or Sunday morning. “We have the capability to do a lot of things, but we don’t have a plan to shoot it down as we speak,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters at the Pentagon on Thursday afternoon.

His comments were the most-awaited, contemplating the recent developments in the military base over the past few days. Elements of the military confirmed the presence of the  100-foot Long March 5B Rocket, which helps Beijing Space Agency’s to accomplish the long wait for sending the first permanent space station to orbit. It was no longer under the control of the scientists, and it was deemed to be a violation of the Western standard of rules laid down for certain space missions.

The landing place is suspicious due to the mounting risk of vulnerabilities edging closer, and Lloyd Austin presented some specifics about the mission on Thursday. “We’re really hopeful about the dilemma that it will land in a place that won’t harm anyone. The countries who are willing to operate in the space domain, it should be a prerequisite to follow certain norms about safety and thoroughly accessing the procedure of the flight mission. Any brimming in the spacecraft or the object could lead to monumental damages to Earth.”

The hot-headed between China and the US was again highlighted when the former blasted the state media for creating a Western Hype of the China Threat in space technology advancement. It accused the US predicament of declaring it abnormal, and contradictory said it is normal for Rocket debris to fall back to Earth.

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