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The US Navy Arming Surface Ships with DRAKE

The use of drones is becoming more common in the US Navy. The US Navy is using the Drone Restricted Access Using Known Electromagnetic Warfare system commonly known as DRAKE across its surface fleet.

DRAKE is built by Northrop Grumman. It is initially used in during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But, now its use in US Navy for surface fleets is becoming common.

Nowadays, anyone can buy drone and use it to fly over the gates of US Navy or for carrying illegal activities. Thus US Navy is using DRAKE as it essentially works like a jammer and defend the non-permitted things from entering the restricted areas or coming close to the ships. Put short, when a drone flies near to the restricted areas the  will just cut off the drone’s signal and put it down protecting the areas from further problems.

DRAKE has battery power backup and thus can be used off battery power. It can be plugged into the ship. The DRAKE can detect the frequencies commonly used in drones and has the ability to stop the signal. Moreover, it can target drones with high-band or even low-band signals, thereby preventing the drones form coming nearby the ship.While the US Navy is facing risks from large Iranian drones, the surface ships can be the most vulnerable. Thus, this new adoption by the US Navy will help address more such problems and real threats.

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