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The US space force plans to build all-weather ground based radar site in UK

The United Kingdom is a potential site for building a 24/7 space surveillance radar. The radar will be useful for increasing space awareness.The U.S space officials have started discussions with the U.K officials for building a space surveillance radar in the United Kingdom.

The U.S space force is planning to undertake the project called Deep Space Advanced Radar Concept (DARC). The surveillance radar will track the active satellites and remains in the outer space that will be 35,786 km above the Earth.The DARC project is started by US Air force in 2017. This is used for space domain awareness. The U.S Space force recently sought new designs from contractors. Three radar sites may be built in the next few years. One radar would be of the U.S and the remaining two of other parts of the world.

Sir Michael Wigston, the Air Chief Marshal of UK Royal Air force recently discussed over the plans of the radar sites with US. He said, UK is keen for the project and is interested for hosting the U.S radar station. However, according to the information revealed by U.S spokesman no site has been finalized.

He said, exploratory discussions have been started with UK regarding the DARC project. DARC will have three separate sites in different geographic locations. The project will help the space force in moving towards strong space enterprise. The DRAC is working for selecting sites for all three radars. The locations have not yet finalized for all three radars.

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