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The US Warns Businesses to Break Business Ties with Xinjiang

President Joe Biden’s administration warned the businesses who have investments and supply chain relations with China’s Xinjiang province that they are likely to face legal consequences due to the rising evidence of genocide and several other human rights cases of abuse in the northwest region of the country.

One of the pointed statements from the Xinjiang Supply Chain Business Advisory mentioned that the individuals and businesses still in the ventures and supply chains and/or connected to China’s Xinjiang contain a high risk of violating US law.

The updates in the advisory add up to the previous warnings to the companies by emphasizing the US law violations if their operations are even indirectly linked with Xinjiang Chinese Government. Ned Price, the State Department spokesperson, said in a statement that the people’s republic of China government continues to make horrific abuses in the Xinjiang region and at other places in the country.

It targets the ethnic Kazakhs, Uyghurs, and ethnic Kyrgyz, who dominantly belong to the Muslim community and the members of other religious minority groups in the country. The abuses consist of state-sponsored forced labor and forced measures for population control and separation of children from their families. Further, it also includes genocides and the crime against humanity. Further, Biden had 14 companies on the economic black list over violating the law in the region.

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