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Triumph Group gets awarded by Calidus Aerospace

Triumph Group said today that Calidus Aerospace LLC had awarded a two-year contract to its Triumph Mechanical Solutions facility in Heiligenhaus, Germany, to design, develop, and manufacture the throttle quadrant assembly for the B-250 aircraft. For, Triumph created a complete sub-system solution that included the engine control, quadrant, and linkages in a single, completely integrated package. This is Triumph’s first award with Calidus, the B-250 aircraft manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates.

The B-250 is a superior and highly efficient light attack aircraft designed specifically for asymmetric warfare zones and can adapt to the most challenging terrain and weather circumstances. In addition, our mechanical control systems continue to provide substantial value to new aircraft, as evidenced by this award. This win is especially significant because this is Triumph’s first customer, and we’ll be designing a whole sub-system solution for a new platform. Calidus is a technology development and manufacturing company situated in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, that was created in 2015.

Calidus provides cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge products, and fully integrated solutions to its clients in the areas of aeronautical and land systems. Everything from design and engineering to developing and executing industrial enterprise investment programs based on Calidus strategy and program management.

Triumph Mechanical Solutions – Germany offers mechanical solutions for fixed-wing and rotary commercial and military aircraft, naval vessels, military vehicles, and industrial plants, including designing, developing, manufacturing, and supporting highly engineered mechanical controls and components. It also does the production of complex mechanical assemblies using exterior designs.

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