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Troy Police Department Enhancing Investigations with Drones

The Troy Police Department uses drones to help in different cases, varying from traffic crashes to missing people. Police have been using drones for planning their busiest intersections. One of which was 14 Mile Road and Interstate 75. A different crossroad was Big Beaver Road and I-75. These regions are recognized to have heavy traffic and also for car crashes.

Gail Para, Troy Police officer, said that the drones are anticipated to help with traffic flow. That’s the reason they changed the junction. He further added that they had used drones to fly the intersection to take pictures of it. He also said that they could fly over the vehicles included in the crash or when they go very high.

The drones enter the crash scene so the police will get a view of the sight. They also get to see the skid marks on the field. The drone team of the department is of 10 officers who are well trained and licensed. They are conscious of the policies of using drones. They are obligated to follow the Federal Aviation Administration rules and be conscious of citizens’ privacy and rights.

Bob Smith, the officer at Troy Police department, said that their tactical support team could use the drone to assist an individual as his other eyes in the sky. Additionally, rather than sending an officer into significantly dangerous circumstances, they don’t know what is around the corner.

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