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Trump’s Policy Overturned, Pentagon Seeks Transgender Military Service

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced on Wednesday that the Trump-era policy has revamped, allowing Transgender Military Service to settle in the US military.  An executive order was passed by President Joe Biden in late January regarding the involvement of transgender people in the military forces.

The Department of Defense followed the instructions and uplifted the restrictions on  Transgender Military Servic members. It would allow them to serve under their chosen gender identity. “Trans rights are human rights, and on this Trans Day of Visibility I’m pleased to announce we’ve updated DoD policy on the open service of transgender individuals,” Austin said in a tweet Wednesday afternoon.

The updated reinforcement would avail more qualified trans individuals to accomplish their dream of enrolling in the U.S. military. The current order would allow the Defense Administration to recruit the best-suited individuals for the vacancies.

 Transgender Military Servic members would now be able to receive medical treatment to assist with their gender identity. A Pentagon official reported that there are over 2,200 military members who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria.  The condition unveils distress to the individual relating to their gender identity, which differs from their assigned sex at birth.

At the moment, it is uncertain as to how many of the US military members are identified as transgender. The estimates include the guards and the reserve forces, and the number goes up to 8,000 service members overall. Lloyd Austin supported the government’s initiative that got induced last year and said that it was the right thing and the smart thing to do.The appraisal of the Transgender Service members in military forces would be jotted down as a historical inscription for the communities across the world.

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