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TSA to begin Training Flight Crew for Self Defense

As per the trusted sources of information, the year 2021 s far has been a tough year for a few employees of the Transportation Security Administration.There has been an increase in air travel across the countries as COVID vaccination gained momentum.

The number of air travelers is picking up to be close to the number before the pandemic hit, but there has been an immense rise in the number of aggressive passengers and episodes of significant aggression.The Federal Aviation Administration has reported several complaints and initiated the investigation for unruly behavior of the passengers in this year so far.

The number is thrice more than that was in the year 2019. As per the TSA, these incidents on the airline Crew are troubling, as there have been similar incidents at various places across the country.To help their Crew, the agency is bringing back self-defense training for the flight Crew. This training was kept on halt during the pandemic. It is led by the federal air marshals and is expected to begin in the next month.

The program teaches various techniques that involve de-escalating and defending an attack against the passenger or cargo aircraft.Senior Official Performing the Duties of the TSA Administrator, Darby LaJoye, stated that while they hope never to use stern techniques on passengers, it is essential for everyone’s safety to be well prepared to handle such situations if they occur.

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