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U.S. and Canada to Unite Over NORAD Remodelling 

The two military leaders Canada, and the United States, will be seen joining hands over a united goal. They two are working towards modernizing NORAD, an organization run by the nations in tandem. The establishment is jointly run by the two countries referring to the North American initiative.

The nations are focusing on new sensing and command/control capabilities with a view of protecting the continent from emerging ballistic missile threats. NORAD works in a way that usually the commander is a 4-star U.S. general, whereas a 3-star Canadian general serves as the deputy director. NORAD is spearheaded by Gen Glen VanHerck. He is also designated as the head of the U.S. Northern Command, which looks after homeland defense. VanHerck says that he believes that the mission perceived to be separate for the two nations is, in fact, a singular goal.

Both Canada, and the U.S. are aiming to achieve the ambitious security and defense objectives, and for this to happen, both countries need to be secure within the shared North American continent. Strengthening safety within North America will offer the two countries a better chance to stand strong against the rest of the world, stated the joint statement.

The statement states both countries to be fully committed to the singular aim of modernizing, improving, and integrating the desired capabilities. NORAD strives for stability when it comes to persistent awareness. The organization also works towards a better understanding of potential threats to North America.

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