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U.S. Army to Procure Over 83 More Stryker Combat Vehicles 

The U.S. Army has ordered the Oshkosh defense to supply 83 Stryker combat vehicles with 30mm cannons which are valued at $99 million. In June, the U.S. defense force selected Oshkosh defense to equip Double V-Hull A1 Stryker Infantry carrier vehicles with advanced weapon systems called Medium Caliber Weapon System (MCWS).

The U.S. Army placed its first order with Oshkosh for 91 vehicles worth $130 million. The U.S. Army can now build roughly six Stryker brigades with the Medium Caliber Weapon Systems. The value of the contract is worth $942 million. The U.S. Army will receive all its orders in the next six years.

I-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team will be the first team to receive Oshkosh’s order. The fielding of the MCWS  is anticipated to complete by December 2023, which will be given to the I-2 Brigade Combat Team.

The U.S. Army decided to outfit three from six brigades that are equipped with 30mm Stryker guns. This decision of the U.S. Army was followed by the evaluation of the Army Requirements Oversight Council that has reviewed the performance of the 30mm Dragoon. The 30mm Dragoon was operational in Europe by the second Cavalry Regiment. The new MCWS capability will be applied to the DVH ICVVA1. It will serve as the basis for its future fleet. The Oshkosh Defense’s Production Representative System Sample (PRSS) since the contract has begun risk mitigation testing for the government as part of the MCWS program schedule.

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