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U.S. Base Camps in Iraq and Syria Attacked with Drones

The U.S. and Iraq officials said that a series of rocket and drone attacks targeted the U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria. The officials stated that in the last 24 hours, at least 14 rockets hit the Iraqi base, housing U.S. troops, and have wounded two officials.

While nobody has yet taken responsibility for the attacks, it is suspected that the U.S. troops or the areas housing U.S. troops in Syria and Iraq are attacked by the Iranian-backed militias. The Iranian-backed militia groups in Iraq have vowed to retaliate to the U.S. strikes on the Iraqi-Syria border. The airstrikes by the U.S. had killed four of their member last month.

The rocket attack Ain al-Asad airbase wounded two people with minor injuries, according to Wayne Marotto, the U.S. Army Colonel, and the coalition spokesman. He had earlier informed that three people were wounded. U.S. officials noting about the incident said that in the recent attack on the U.S. airbase, two U.S. service members had been injured. The Iraqi security sources told that today, early Thursday, two rockets were fired on the U.S. Embassy.

According to Iraqi sources, one of the rockets was diverted with the help of the anti-rocket system. The embassy’s Green Zone houses government buildings and foreign diplomats. The Syria Democratic Forces said no damage had been caused to the Al Omar oil field. In an attack earlier on June 28, the Al Omar oil field was targeted when the U.S. forces came under rocket fire but managed to escape the attack.

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