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U.S. Chopper Pilots Say Modified Drone ‘Performed like No other’ while Drone Activities

Details obtained by the military, defense, and geopolitical publications, which show very odd Drone behavior specifics of the investigations into the unlawful drone activities that were conducted in Tuscon, Arizona, in February.

The flight crew that noticed the Drone, observed in the case of The War Zone, “was extremely sophisticated/specialized and capable of doing like no other (unmanned aircraft system).” The Tuscon Police department said. In addition, the FBI examined the occurrence in accordance with the laws of unsafe aircraft operating.

According to an FBI statement, the Drone flew illegally to the west of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near a U.S Customs and Border Protection helicopter, which led local authorities to try to locate the operator. In pursuing the aircraft and identifying its operator, authorities have failed.”An area around 5 miles south of Tucson, the seemed to launch flying over Tucson and over Marana to the north,” said the FBI. “None were hurt and no comparable occurrences with this exact were recorded.”

The Drone carried out “erratic maneuvers” in both the Tucson and the CPD helicopters, reaching a height of 14,000 feet with clock speeds of above 100 mi/h, the reported report said. Although the crew expected that two police helicopters would drain its battery for an hour at the end of the day, it may sneak away.The Tucson pilot noted in the report it was “evident that the controller had clear views of both the helicopters trailing him around us and flying briefly behind us and tried to prevent visual contact with us.”

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