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U.S. DoD Plans on conducting Aviation Training 

The United States DoD forces are creating a training program that is planned to commence from August 17 to August 26. The training will involve aviation assets, and the participants will be monitored by the local government.

The main aim of the training program is to develop a fully prepared environment along with reinforcing partnerships. Officials claim that the deployment of the program is not in response to any of the real global events. Agencies will ensure absolute safety measures to protect the officials, members, and local citizens, along with precautions to restrict inconvenience to communities are in order.

As a part of the training program, the aircraft will fly all over the west for several days. It will display aviation training flying the aircraft on relatively lower elevations than normal. The training will be conducted in rural areas while the sun is up, and also during the night. The aircraft will not be seen flying lower elevation in developed cities majorly built up. The training sessions will be conducted in Montana for almost ten (10) days.

Any speculations connecting the program with any of the global events as some mastermind plans of action are dismissed by the authorities. DoD is positioned to be the largest government agency of the United States. DoD has been long invested in providing exceptional military advancements and aid. The program is simply another step to help the American government enhance its defense capabilities in the future, offering yet another training program.

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