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U.S Leader’s Motives in Attending the NATO Summit

The NATO Summit is observed as healthy strategic means to improve Trans-Atlantic Ties. Prior to the NATO Summit next week to be held in Brussels, the Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, got together to discuss some key points on Monday, June 07, at the Pentagon.

President Joe Biden, Austin will be attending the North Atlantic Alliance meeting focusing on contributing genuine commitment by America on collective defense and also participate in building the most successful and fruitful alliance in the history with the future in mind. This addressal meeting establishes the core of Biden administration’s push to modify and enhance America’s greatest asymmetric advantage, which is its exceptional network of allies spread across the world. Biden addressed the meeting stating the administration’s efforts repair alliances, engaging with the geographies again.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, announced Biden’s European trip affirming the involvement of the United States and its commitment to NATO, collective defense, and the Transatlantic Security. The reorientation of the alliance will be built by the leaders from 30 NATO nations ensuring an effective distribution of burden shared by each candidate.

The goal of NATO 2030 is to make the alliance stronger politically as well as militarily, which will witness full support from the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin III. is also been seen to reduce its significance in Afghanistan ending the largest military operation led by the alliance. NATO also addresses the global competition particularly referring to Russia and China.

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