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U.S Military denies of attack on its eastern Syria based American troops

According to the US-backed fighters in Syria, the U.S military troops based in Syria were attacked by rockets that were fired from the nearby areas. But, the U.S military denied the incidence. Col. Wayne Marotto, the coalition spokesman stated that there is no truth to the incidence.

However, US-backed spokesman in Syria, Siyamend Ali informed that the U.S troops’ facility based in Syria was attacked by two rockets. The rockets were fired at the al-Omar field based in the eastern province of Deir el-Zour. Fortunately, no casualties occurred due to the incidence, he stated. He said that, there is not yet any information from where the rockets were fired.

According to the reports stated by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the area was attacked from the areas controlled by Iran-backed fighters. The Iran-backed fighters targeted the area of Mayadeen and Deir el-Zour. SANA that is Syria’s state news agency also reported that the Syria based military troops in Syrian al-Omar facility was attacked by two rockets.

Later Sunday, the Syrian Democratic Forces denied that another U.S troops’ facility, Conoco was attacked. It stated that the sound of the explosions in the area of the facility was not of the attacks but of the training with live ammunition. The eastern Syria facility was attacked in a similar way as this latest attack on al-Omar.The previous attack had followed the US Air Force airstrikes near the Iraq-Syria border. The U.S military troops are with Syrian Democratic Forces. They both are working together against the Islamic State group.

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