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U.S. Surveillance Potentially Challenged by Iranian-built Drones

President Joe Biden’s decision to carry out airstrikes against Iran supported with militia groups on the Iraq-Syria border on Sunday, June 27, 2021 night follows the latest wave of attacks against assets of the U.S. military in Iraq by the latest Iranian-built drones, which can evade U.S. defenses and surveillance says, officials.

The latest of the attacks occurred at the beginning of June 2020 when an armed drone detonated at Baghdad airport used by American diplomats and soldiers, as told by U.S. military officials. He further added that, In April 2020, near Erbil, a drone spoiled a CIA drone hanger.According to the Pentagon, on Sunday night, two operational and weapons storage facilities locations, one in Iraq and one in Syria, were hit by American airstrikes.

They further stated that these locations were targeted as they were involved in UAV attacks against U.S. facilities and personnel in Iraq.Sunday’s strikes were Biden’s second time choosing to force in this region. The first one was in February 2021 against buildings in eastern Syria that Biden said were used to commence attacks on U.S. military forces in Iraq by Iranian-backed militia groups.

According to the top U.S. general in the Middle East, Gen. Frank McKenzie, drones are one of the biggest threats in this region to U.S. forces.These drones have been involved in a minimum of five attacks since April; however, in some cases, the shot targets were minor, or some of the drones were shot down by U.S. defenses. At least some of the military officials are encouraging the U.S. to answer to the attacks.

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