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Understanding the Effects of Climate Change is Crucial for National Security DOD

Understanding the effects of Climate Change and dealing with it is crucial for national security, said senior climate advisor to DOD’s defense secretary. He said the impact of  is real and significant to national security. Moreover, is going to impact severely in terms of resources and readiness, said Joe Bryan.

He cited some examples of Climate Change, including the Arctic warm-up, extended drought conditions in regions including El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras driving migration, water resources facing risk due to extreme droughts and heat.

He also mentioned the more substantial and repetitive occurrences of hurricanes and typhoons, floods, extreme heat, wildfires, and more. He pointed out that such occurrences due to Climate Change impact military operations and exercises at home and in foreign countries. Moreover, he said, it is severely increasing at an alarming rate.   Bryan said the DOD is becoming more energy-efficient and independent in response to Climate Change. He stated that many military installations had become energy efficient utilizing the energy generated from solar panels and landfill gas.

He noted that most of the DOD energy is consumed by defense systems, including ships, airplanes, and more such combat systems. He pointed out that facilities do not consume more energy. Bryan cited that DOD is reducing the operational demand of the forces by introducing e-vehicles, making improvements in engines of ships to increase the fuel efficiency of the ships. Bryan also mentioned that President Biden had prioritized the production of lithium-ion batteries.

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