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United Airlines Makes COVID Vaccination Mandatory for its Employees 

The American Airlines has made it mandatory for its employees to show proof of Covid-19 vaccines. A similar was recently taken by Delta.

The rule is applicable for those candidates who are about to join the after June 15. Before their start date, they are mandated to get vaccinated, said the airline. The above-mentioned companies, including American, have offered extra time or pay to the vaccinated employees. Additionally, Walmart, one of the biggest employers, has taken a similar move.

Noting the United Airlines staff, it is important to ensure safety, which is its strong commitment. Brian Sumers, while tweeting, said the new employees would be required to submit the vaccinated proof seven days after the hire date. The company said that it would ensure the evaluation of any religious or medical circumstances the candidates face in getting vaccinated.

The Scott Kirby of United Airlines said that he wanted to ensure that all the employees get the covid-19 vaccinations. He said, however, the had not taken any such step for the employees. Scott Kirby, the CEO, leads United Airlines. He said many had shed their workers in the last year due to the pandemic shutdown and falling economy. But, United Airlines has announced that it will hire pilots and candidates for other positions, he added. Hiring initiatives are proportional to the rising demand for air travel.

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