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United Airlines to Begin Supersonic Jets to Reduces Travel Time

As per the credible reports, United Airlines aims to create a splendor flight experience by beginning the usage of supersonic jets.

The company declared that they are buying 15 planes from Boom Supersonic and plans to buy more than 35 planes from them in the coming years.The first commercial supersonic jet by Boom Supersonic has been the Overture, which has not been built or certified up till now. It aims for the emergence of passenger service in the year 2029, with an airplane that will have the capacity to fly at Mach 1.7 and reduce the time of flight required by around half.

The development would significantly curtain travel time of a NY-London flight to 3.5 hours, from the current 7 hours. Scott Kirby, CEO at United Airlines said that Booms aim for the future of commercial, combined with the most robust network of the industry across the world, will give access to the stellar experience of business and leisure travelers across the globe.

Even if all the details about the sale were not disclosed, the companies believe that this contract will help them generate immediate benefits.In the year 2014, Boom Supersonic is based in Denver and has raised funds of more than USD 270 million in capital and has grown to 150 employees.Founder and CEO Blake Scholl states that the first purchase agreement of the world for net-zero carbon is a step towards a more accessible world.

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