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US Air Force Extends its Research Contract with Startup RSA for to Develop Cislunar Space Dashboard

The US Air force has extended its research collaboration with Rhea Space Activity. RSA will develop a software tool which will be used to study the satellites in the Cislunar Space. The software tool will monitor and predict the satellite trajectories in the. RSA for its research in the won award in 2020 for developing the lunar intelligence dashboard. The company recently received an award of $697,000 to continue the project development. Private investors have also offered funding in the project.

The project will study the Cislunar Space for defense purposes. is the space between moon and the Earth and the region is extremely significant according to the US Air Force Research Laboratory. RSA is working with Saber Astronautics and Purdue University.

Kathleen Howell, Purdue University’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics professor is working in the project. Whereas Saber Astronautics develops software that enables enhanced visualization of space environment. The US Air Force deems Cislunar Space significant for both national security and boosting commercial space economy.

The US Air Force will use the cislunar dashboard to monitor satellite trajectories in the Cislunar Space between the Moon and the Earth. The software tool will monitor and predict the satellite trajectories in the . The project will study the for defense purpose. Open source data is being used to develop the system.

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