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US Air Force Research Laboratory Awards $88 Million Contract to University of Dayton Research Institute

The US Air Force Research Laboratory Awarded the University of Dayton Research Institute a contract of $88 Million for bringing advancements in autonomy technology. The research institute will carry research and development activities in the field of technology enables surveillance, intelligent tracking, faster data collection, data sharing leading to quick decision making power to the US Air Force.

The institute will carry research and development through the program called ‘Soaring Otter’.  The program will focus on development of autonomous technologies right from lab to the battle field. The programme will involve testing of neuromorphic computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data exploration, and more such autonomy technology capabilities. According to top investigator of UDRI these technologies will be implemented to collect and process information.

The information post analysis will be used to implement actions. The principal investigator of the programme at URDI revealed it will work on the areas that USAF is highly focusing on. The URDI will work on using autonomy technologies for solving complex problems related to situational awareness, data sharing, and decision making. URDI has developed specialised expertise to work on these areas.

URDI’s expertise includes machine learning, automated decision making, testing, planning, analysis, and more such crucial areas. The contract awarded to URDI will execute the programme ‘Soaring Otter’ and conduct research and development to advance AI capabilities of USAF. URDI will execute the program with team of partners and experts in the aforementioned areas.

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