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US and Allies To Expose China’s Malicious Cyber Activities

The U.S federal government along with its allies has decided to investigate Beijing’s Malicious pattern of cyber activities and stringent actions against the attackers. In a statement a senior official of the U.S administration stated that the U.S government and its allies are going to expose the People’s Republic of China’s cyber activities and take stringent actions against the same.

The senior administration said Malicious activities by the RPC pose security and national threat to the U.S and its allies. The other nations and groups that are going to join the in exposing PRC’s Malicious activities are NATO, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and European Union.

This is the first time the NATO has also criticized and alleged the cyber activities of PRC. The officials announced that they will expose how the PRC’s Ministry of State Security is involved in conducting global unsanctioned criminal activities with the help of criminal contract hackers for their own personal profit. They conduct operations like crypto-jacking, cyber extortion, theft for siphoning millions of dollars, the officials said.

FBI, CISA, and NSA will expose 50 tactics, techniques, and procedures of PRC sponsored criminals used for targeting the national security of the U.S and allies. Additionally, the security agencies will also give technical advice for mitigating and confronting the cyber threat. Along with these many other actions will be taken which will show how the U.S and its partners are putting forward a collaborative cyber approach.

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