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US and Israel Air Force Cyber Teams Exercised Together On Cloud Defense

The Air Force cyber team of US worked alongside Israel cyber team to help the international Defense partner improve cloud skills. Cloud based services is not a new term today. It has become the important factor of networks and primary target for cyber attackers. The military forces across the world is transitioning much of its infrastructure to cloud environment and should be proactive in defending the attacks and integrating advanced features to fending off intrusions.

The Israel Defense Forces and U.S. Cyber Command exercised a joint exercise, Cyber Dome with an objective to strengthen the cloud infrastructure with sharing skill and expertise and fortify the cyber partnership between two nations and share the tactics use to enhance and protect the cloud infrastructure. Defense forces of both the nations shared the problems of the emerging technology like Amazon Web Services and discussed ways to strengthen the capabilities of each other and grow cloud skills.

837th Cyberspace Operations Squadron was chosen to participate in the exercise. The 837th Cyberspace Operations Squadron was selected because it has developed expertise in defending clouds and has developed training material for cyber defenders in cloud technologies. The Cyber Dome exercise allowed the military to share crucial insights about cyber Defense with other units and strengthen the partnership in cyber Defense mission.

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