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US Army Awards a $1.4 billion contract to Northrop Grumman  for Developing future battle command system

The US Army has awarded $1.4 billion contract to Northrop Grumman for Developing future battle command system. The company will do low-rate production and full-rate production. But, initially, Northrop will carry out low-rate production of future Integrated Battle Command System. The award is the first significant contract of defense acquisition system since the 2009 when the US Army had awarded engineering and manufacturing development contract to Northrop Grumman.

The contract will be completed on Dec. 22, 2026. The existing Integrated Battle Command System or IBCS linked sensors and shooters across the battlefield costing roughly $2.7 billion. Now the new system along with the existing capabilities will be capable of combating other complex threats such as cruise missile and unmanned aircrafts which have been increasingly being used by the rivals.

This new program is extremely important to US as well as Poland.Poland is the first international customer to purchase IBCS system under the contract in its defense forces.  According to the contract, the defense systems manufacturing company will deliver up to 160 systems to the US Army. International customers like Poland will also receive the systems.

The US Army is planning to reach the full production rate of IBCS system through the 2023 budget. The contract will meet the fielding priorities of the US army. Initially, Northrop will carry out low-rate production of future Integrated Battle Command System

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