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US Army Developing a System that will allow Soldiers to Communicate with Robots

To enable Robots to interact with soldiers during operations, US Army researchers are developing a system based on algorithmic learning. confront unexpected things and unpredictable situations in a “tactical environment” that creates communication obstacles.

“Bots should be able to ask questions,” according to Dr. Felix Gervits, a researcher with the US Army’s DEVCOM (Development Command).DEVCOM researchers “collected conversation data from a human-Robots interaction study to examine how may ask questions when presented with new notions” in cooperation with the Naval Research Laboratory and Tufts University.

In addition to the Soldier-Robots teaming project, Gervits believes it will help to the larger endeavor of building “algorithms to assist automated question creation and learning may ask questions and learn in real-time through communication, Gervits added.According to him, “the current research is a step in the right direction since it reveals the kind of inquiries that individuals ask when confronted with novel topics.”It is possible to teach to ask particular questions when they face similar types of uncertainty using the data we obtained in the HuRDL corpus. Consequently, they may learn from the responses or ask follow-up questions, if required.

Overwhelmed or frustrated Robots might cause disruption. “Effective dialogue methods and question kinds employed in the study” have been studied to overcome hurdles to a productive discussion.As a result, researchers have developed a software framework for online experimentation that “allows for crowdsourcing data gathering, in which anyone from all across the nation may engage remotely in virtual ARL studies”.

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