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US Army Explores Plans to Replace Shadow Drone

The United States Army is planning to replace the older unmanned aircraft system Shadow drone and replace it with its new successor. The US Army has approved the new replacement as the service has evaluated new capabilities in the drone that can be added in the its successor and replace the Shadow tactical drone. The new replacements will be done in the drones at the Fort Benning, Georgia. The study for the new replacement has been carried out since 2020 by the United States Army.

The Shadow drones of the unit were faster from setup to flight but only one-third of the drones. But, according to the US Army evaluation the new capabilities like autonomous take-off and landing and Survivability in bad weather will make it stronger than the previous model and efficient for use.

The drones that could replace the Shadow drones are FVR-90 manufactured by L3Harris, Arcturus-UAV made Jump 20 system, Textron manufactured Aerosonde HQ and V-Bat UAS made by Martin UAV. The new competitive project will be started in the Q4 of fiscal 2022 and the production is expected to complete by Q4 of 2025.

The Shadow UAV tactical drone flight operations on one runway depend or affect the operations of another flight on the runway. The UAV system is manufactured by Textron Systems. According to Textron Systems, the system is more reliable and capable than other UAV systems used in US Army. The system is embedded with digital capabilities and can be used for carrying out multiple missions with manned or unmanned capability.

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