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US Coast Guard Receives Upgraded MH-65E Helicopters

The USCG air station is delivered with the Upgraded MH-65E Helicopters as a part of the short range recovery helicopter program. The earlier 25 Dolphin helicopters have been transitioned into “E” configuration.

The converted dolphin helicopters to the “E” configuration or Echo configuration are reliable and capable. The helicopters now have improved advanced Flight Control System. They have been enhanced with digital weather or surface search radar and embedded with robust commands, control system, monitoring capability, surveillance and is modernized with digital flight deck.Additionally, the helicopters have Upgraded search and rescue capabilities and enhanced navigation system. The helicopters can efficiently encounter the complex air traffic and can efficiently respond to disasters.

Most importantly, the USCG is will complete the Service Life Extension Program operations. Under this program five major structural components that are crucial during missions will be completed. The major components namely side panels, floorboards, center console, helicopter canopy, as well as the nine degree frame of the helicopters will be replaced as a major part of the program. These replacements and improvements are extremely critical during missions. The service of the helicopters will be extended by 10,000 flight hours.

The US CG is underway of transitioning all its MH-65 helicopters to the Upgraded version. Along with transitioning the MH-65 helicopters of the Miami Air Station the other air stations including Port Angeles, Washington and few more have also transitioned MH-65D to MH-65E.The Hawaii air station has also received four helicopters transitioned to MH-65Es. The air station point is will be fully transitioned to MH-65E later this summer.

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