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US deploys F-22Raptor stealth fighter jets to combat Chinese Muscle Flexing

F-22 ‘Raptor’, one of the most powerful fighter jets in the world has been deployed in the Indo-Pacific region. The U.S took this move following the Taiwan the RPC reported the largest attack where as many as 28 Chinese combat aircrafts attacked the country.

The F-22 Raptor are considered as the most significant possession of US military and most powerful fighter in the world. The F-22 Raptor fighter jets will be taking part in the forthcoming Pacific Iron 2021. It is a US military exercise held by the nation to showcase strategic flexibility of U.S Air Force held along with its QUAD partners.

According to US Indo-Pacific Command, over 35 aircrafts and nearly 800 members from the Pacific Air Forces and Air Combat Command will participate in the exercise. Most importantly, the exercise will include two C-130 J Hercules, around 25 F-22 Raptor fighter jets, and 10 F-15E Strike Eagles.The pilots will demonstrate multiple skills and conduct combat flight operations and Agile Combat Employment (ACE) operations. According to US Indo-Pacific Command, the Agile Combat Employment is the use of agile operations to generate potential airpower and enable the pilots and airmen to be more agile while executing the combat operations and makes them more capable for strategic deterrence.

The F-22 Raptor fighter jet is manufactured by US aerospace company Lockheed Martin. It has multiple abilities such as threat identification, tracking, and other crucial information of the rivals. Advanced technologies are used by the company to make it more reliable in the combat operations.

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