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US Imposes New Restrictions on Military Junta

The U.S government has imposed new sanctions targeting the Myanmar’s Military Junta. The U.S department of Treasury confirmed the news and stated that it has blocked assets of 22 individuals that are illegally connected to the regime.

It has blocked the assets of three members of State Administration Council (SAC), and also four cabinet member appointed by the military. Moreover, it has sanctioned families of the military officials who have contributed to the ill gains of the military officials.

The stiff actions of U.S against the Myanmar’s Military Junta following the military’s suppression of democracy and is found to conduct campaigns of brutal violence targeting the anti-coup protestors. In the similar move, the Department of Commerce also announced new sanctions on Wanbao Mining, Ltd and subsidiary companies. The company and its subsidiaries have long been criticized for violating labor rights and human rights abuses. Also, the department announced that is was imposing sanctions King Royal Technologies.

The new extensive network of sanctions are been imposed targeting the SAC members, junta ministries, and conglomerates that illegally contribute to the military campaigns. The U.S would continue to impose sanction on the military government unless the steps down from power, said Antony Blinken, the U.S Secretary of State.Recent weeks have seen increased number of clashes and acts of brutal violence among the Military Junta and junta’s opponent. The Military Junta is trying to gain control of the country wherein junta’s opponents are taking the help of armed forces to undermine junta’s control over the country.

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