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US Intelligence Report Predicts Heightened Space Competition

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence in a report projects that by 2040 China will be the most reeling rival to the United States in Space. Both the countries will be competing on commercial, civil, and military fronts. With news already floating around about the US-China outage in Taiwan, the increase in competition might be evident.

The report projects widespread access to space technologies by many nations and increasing use of on-orbit manufacturing and logistics services. With regards to space, the reports have made several predictions which could be studied hereunder:One significant aspect is that by 2040, an increasing number of countries will nod their efforts and investment in space exploration. The whole dilemma would be a part of international cooperative efforts to appraise the country’s space recognition. The countries would look forward to acquiring national prestigious opportunities for scientific and technical advancements.

The overview is that the government will remain the primary source of funding although the role of commercial entities would expand dramatically. The large-scale implementation of scale exploration would entitle commercial units to leverage the government with fundings.

China’s dominance is all set to extend with the conglomeration looking to join hands with neighboring countries, pressuring them for participating in Chinese-led space activities. The report predicts the government till 2040 will routinely conduct on-orbit servicing, assembly, and manufacturing activities. On-orbit services will be used to upgrade satellites, extend their functional lives and allow new types of space structures to propel. This would enhance the overall space engagement and we could see various missions been laid out as part of the extensive project. Let’s wait and wait until then. Stay tuned!

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